Castletop seeks investment opportunities in all areas of real estate including residential land developments, office, multi-family, retail and industrial properties as well as investment in operating businesses. Our firm typically invests $1 to $5 million per project, and, in order to uphold our philosophy of staying actively involved in our investments, we primarily invest in Central Texas.

The following are some of our current holdings:
The Grove ATX – Austin’s Gathering Place

Milestone Community Builders

Milestone was started in the middle of the great recession of 2009 and has grown to become the largest privately owned Austin, Texas based home building company. Milestone’s mission is to serve its customers by providing a high-quality home, doing the right thing every time, and offering innovative design and architecture at a reasonable price. Milestone works to maintain honest communication throughout the homebuilding process, focus on one customer at a time, and exceed all customer expectations, because the company understands that every home that it builds is a milestone in the life of each of its customers.